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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Holiday Delay on New Books!

Hello! Just letting you all know that new books will be delayed until THURSDAY of next week, due to the July 4 holiday.

However, we will be open our normal hours at Harrison's, so feel free to come by! We suggest stopping by the store, then heading down to Pickering Wharf for Salem's phenomenal fireworks show. No joke, we have the best fireworks display around!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sidekick #1

Sidekick #1 (of 5)
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Art: Chris Moreno, Joe Martin, Len O'Grady
Publisher: Image Comics
Eddie Edison is one strange guy. In daily life, he's a pizza delivery boy with everyone out to scam him. He's also the sidekick to absent-minded (and rather stupid) superhero, Mister Excellent. Mister Excellent is a man that couldn't find his rear end with both hands, and has no clue that Eddie (aka "Superior Boy") is sleeping with his wife. Eddie gets tired of being the brains behind the superhero operation (as well as Mister Excellent's attention problems) and goes off to find a new superhero to apprentice himself to. Oh, and Mister Excellent has authorized a large number of action figures of Superior Boy, raking in the royalties, while Eddie is making only a $100 a month stipend.

This book is a bit of a change of pace for Paul Jenkins, who is currently writing the Marvel Civil War series Frontline as well. He's known for his humorous writing on Newsarama.

Sidekick is mildly amusing, and worth the read. The first issue seems to be setting up what could be some very funny events in the books to follow, and is worth checking out. The art is amusing, done in a cartoony style, and it's fun to see the "generic" superheroes running around in the book.

Blogging Struggles

Welcome once again to the News and Reviews section at Harrison's Comics and Collectibles. We've been having some issues with getting this section up and running, thanks to publishing problems with the website, but I think that this is finally under control. Over the coming weeks, you're going to be able to find news about the store and other events in Salem, as well as reviews of various comic books. The idea behind doing everything in this format was to allow customers or visitors to the site to be able to post comments and ideas as well, so hopefully we'll all be able to get that going.

In other news, there has been a mild redesign of the website, to cut down on the intensity of the yellow and update some of the photos. Incoming Product for next week has been updated, you should look at it, since there are a lot of interesting things slated for next week.

We had some good things come out this week, including perennial staff favorite "Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.", which is written by Warren Ellis and possibly one of the funniest comics in publication right now. Some gorgeous limited edition Alex Ross / Jim Lee lithographs have arrived at the store and have the staff drooling, Larz in particular. Civil War also continues to have everyone's full attention.

The Medford store is open and doing well! Unlike the Liberty Tree Mall store, which specializes in gaming, the Medford store is like a mini Harrison's Salem, with lots of great things to check out and a convinient location in the Meadowglen mall. Go say hello to Jeff and the other staff over there!